Alice White for North Port Commission District 1

Protect Our Quality of Life

Plan for Responsible Growth

I will be YOUR advocate!

Special Election on March 9, 2021

As your North Port City Commissioner I will be YOUR advocate.

Here are three reasons why I think that’s important:

Number 1: I will advocate for your quality of life.

I have lived in North Port and have cared about the people of North Port for 30 years.

During that time I have established a well-documented history of being dedicated to improving our quality of life without having any obligation to do so.

I have no hidden agendas. I am simply passionate about making positive changes in our community.

As a North Port City Commissioner, I will continue to work to improve and protect our quality of life, which includes protecting the integrity and character of the very nature of our neighborhoods which subsequently, will help to protect our property values.

Number 2: I will advocate for responsible growth and use of your tax money.

When I first moved to North Port, the population was around 15,000 people and it was referred to as a “town”. But North Port was always planned and platted to grow.  It is now a city! Let’s face it, we’re going to grow, but we need to have responsible growth, growth that is sustainable.

We should be focused on having quality growth and not simply having development for the sake of development. Let’s strive for quality over quantity.

I will bring common sense to the dais that includes the responsible spending of our tax dollars and, we are long overdue in having better management of our natural resources.

And Number 3:  I will ALWAYS be an advocate for YOU, the PEOPLE of North Port.

I will provide that voice to speak up about what our neighborhoods need in order to come together and thrive as a community.

I will be your advocate to speak up for what we need in exchange for our county tax dollars. (i.e. COVID vaccinations, SCAT service, health care, animal control.)

I am Alice White and I want to be your advocate as a North Port City Commissioner.

– Alice White

Alice White….I will be YOUR advocate!

Protect our Quality of Life

Respecting the character and integrity of our neighborhoods should be our top priority in order to build strong neighborhoods that will contribute to having a thriving community.

Plan for Responsible Growth

Common sense needs to prevail. Growth and development should pay for its own way and be both financially and environmentally sustainable. Our natural resources need to be better managed to protect the unique natural character of North Port and to fully realize revenues for the city.

The People’s Advocate

I have a 30-year history of being an advocate for the people of North Port and have well-documented experience in building consensus and unity to reach a desired goal. As an educator for 36 years, I have the background that will enable me to research and seek out information and then use the best practices to help people understand the issues and the possible solutions.

I will speak up for the residents of North Port.

I have shown I have the ability to “wake up the public” and bring the issues to those who CAN made the decisions to help us get the services needed.

I am proud of my city. My involvements have been and are extensive and have included a wide range of programs, events, and activities for all age groups. It’s through these activities that I became an ambassador for North Port, to those outside of the city as well as bringing people in to experience and see our wonderful city.

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